Two brothers, the authors of the play from Croatia ‘’Voliš li me?’’ (‘’Do you love me?’’)

Janez Vajevec (older brother), is a Slovenian actor, (also a Prešeren Award-winning student), who was interested in the approach of the acting studio in drama and film.

He wrote to Elijah Kazan and met him in 1970 in New York. Kazan suggested that he joined the Lee Strasberg Institute. So, he got deeply involved in the theater world.

Meanwhile, the younger brother Andrej studied in 1979 with De Fazi, Geraldine Barron, Marc Marlow, Hedy Sontag and others.

After their studies, brothers Janez and Andrej founded Game Studio in Ljubljana and later in 1989 they opened it in Zagreb, Croatia.

They continue to create works of art and we are delighted to have them at the Prishtina International Theater Festival 2019 with their play, along with the actors: Vesna Tominac Matačić and Žiga Čamernik.

The play is due on Friday, November 8, 2019.