Prishtina International Theater Festival
6th Edition

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Prishtina International Theater Festival

The International Theater Festival
“Prishtina International Theater Festival” was established in the premises of AAB Theater “Faruk Begolli” in June 2017. This theater operates within the AAB College in Pristina.

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Your eyes can't lie. Just look at this.


Institut del Teatre de Barcelona - Directed by: Enric Lizano Sanz & Aida Zumajo Flores

“Self-Made” and Urban Theatre - Directed by: Fatos Berisha

Teatri i Qytetit “Bekim Fehmiu” - Prizren - Directed by: Kushtrim Bekteshi

Independet theater companies - Directed by: Marina Romondia

Korifej Teatar, Culture Center Kolašin, Culture Center Bijelo Polje - Directed by: Zoran Rakočević

Teatri Kombëtar i Kosovës - Directed by: Enver Petrovci