PITF 2020 starts its competitive program this Saturday with the play “Natasha’s dream” from Bulgaria.

The play by Yaroslava Pulinovich is a monodrama played by Polya Yardanova, directed by Ana Bateva and music by Stefan Zdraveski.
The play speaks about Natasha, who is 16 years old and has only one dream. Natasha smokes, drinks and loves chocolate candy. She often gets in fights and doesn’t like to read books. Sometimes you will hear her swear, but never complain. However, all these facts are not a reason for her dream not to become a reality. She just fell in love for the first time and will uncompromisingly try to fight for … him. Because Natasha is combative and she just fights for justice. And while for some Natasha is a nice person, for others she is rude. Because actually she is a result of poor upbringing that leads to
nothing but aggressive behavior and rude language in line with the laws of the streets.

The play starts at 16:30 in the AAB Chamber Theater.