Dear friends of Prishtina International Theater Festival (PITF),

After the success of the first three editions of PITF, we, the team of the only International Theater Festival in our country, are full of enthusiasm that the 4th edition of #PITF2020, will be even more special.

However, the Sars-COV2 virus is unfortunately still a present threat worldwide. The consequences of almost a year of its presence are being felt everywhere; in health, economy, education, sports, and also in culture.

As such, despite our best efforts and preparations to hold the fourth edition of PITF during the summer season, when we would have had more time to display the character of cultural diplomacy of our festival, we could not do so.

Regretfully, we were unable to bring many beautiful and unique performances from all over the world that have applied to partake; such as the play from the United States, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Greece, among many others!

Looking towards the better days to come, we promise you that we will transform the upcoming editions into an identifiable brand that not only our institution, but the entire country can be proud of!

Special thanks go to the theatre ensembles from Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, and Kosovo for their willingness to participate in this symbolic edition of #PITF2020.

Under strict security measures that ensure the health of the participants, the fourth edition of PITF will be held from December 19-23, 2020 in both “Faruk Begolli” theatres of AAB College.

We welcome you all!

The show goes on.