Prishtina International Theater Festival 29th November - 5th December | 2018

Play “Mother and child” / “Nëna dhe fëmija”


Jon Fosse


Dino Mustafiq


  • Ema Andrea
  • Matia Llupa
  • Scenography/Costumes:

    Berina Kokona


    Ilir Bajri




    Reading the dramatic work of Jon was psychologically, but literally and in the spatial sense - always moving in the space of differences, provinces, solitude, spiritual isolation.

    The show deals with people who suffer from total isolation, loneliness, and communication difficulties. They are the perpetual prisoners who charge themselves and others. But the war is not indifferent creatures, but is filled with spiritual disturbance, which can be called resurrection ability. The characters of Fosses are stuck in their own thoughts, and therefore the words expressed are in fact monologues who sometimes slump and make communication - which is preceded by failure. The embarrassing atmosphere shows the secret that is mystified in the past and every communication is a bit nostalgic, reveals or remains imprinted in the ego of character. But in that melancholy sensation and gossip, neither the mother nor the child existentially find the desired silence and silence, are not able to fall in peace with the personal demons (persecutions) that they persecute.

    The space in the plays of Fosses is usually a net which someone has just entered to reside, someone else has moved from there, as if a suitable secret site is required to start from scratch. Mother in "Mother and Child" lives in "this apartment" for many years, has fled from a province to the city. But the province, the battlefield (arena) of the traumatic events of her resumption, which lie within her until the boy appears before the door and turns her back to her weakness ...

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