Prishtina International Theater Festival 29th November - 5th December | 2018

Play “Gratë” / “Women”


Robert Thomas


Qëndrim Rijani


  • Teuta Ajdini Jegeni
  • Drita Kaba Karaga
  • Amernis Jovanovska Nokshiqi
  • Vjollca Bekteshi Hamiti
  • Aida Alidemi
  • Zarije Jonuzi Çeliku
  • Mirlinda Saiti
  • Aida Elezi
  • Scenography:

    Petrit Bakalli


    Marija Pupuchevska


    Fatos Lumani




    In the multitude of plays, in which the axis of the play is always a male (males). “Women” is a play that treats the female being with such fineness. Love, hatred, betrayal, sexuality, incest, and other female problems are the vortex of this act, while the main axis is the LIBERTY of women (above all freedom to be equal, freedom to decide, freedom not to be a problem of her own freedom. The intention of the play “Women” is to increase women’s dignity and raise the debate about it. These are some of the lines that deserve to be deeply dealt with in our reality by rising them to the public problems that are now more actual than ever.

    Prishtina International Theater Festival
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    The International Theater Festival "Prishtina International Theater Festival" was established in the premises of AAB Theater "Faruk Begolli" in June 2017. This theater operates within the AAB College in Pristina.

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    29Nov - 6Dec | 2018
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